Online document conversion and hosting
to satisfy SEC rules and engage more of your online investors

Continental Stock Transfer & Trust creates an online version of your Annual Report, Proxy Statement, 10-K, or other document with:

  • Strong company branding with custom colors, fonts, and logo
  • Professional hosting that handles all aspects of your project (see below for more information)
  • Full SEC compliance, including availability, usability, searchability, navigation, confidentiality, and a solution to the fact that EDGAR posting is not compliant

Continental Stock Transfer & Trust’s service includes SEC compliant document hosting with many benefits:

  • No tracking cookies (SEC requirement)
  • Available at time of notice (SEC requirement)
  • Searchable (SEC requirement)
  • Hosting address (URL) provided well in advance of any deadlines needed for print and Notice and Access
  • Hosting in two cloud centers for high access, stability, and redundancy (Amazon and CenturyLink) with DNS fail-over availability
  • Ability to launch access on any specified date and time to meet tough deadline objectives
  • Fully secured and encrypted using SSL
  • 100% hassle-free, SEC compliant, and a turn-key solution
Upgrade your online document to provide an engaging and interactive experience for your investors. Our Interactive Documents include industry-leading features such as Tiles Navigation, tab-based menus and other navigational enhancements, and support for all devices (desktop, laptop, iPad, tablet, and smartphone). For Proxy Statements, we offer MEET the BOARDTM which transforms your board nominee information into a fully interactive format that online investors love. When MEET the BOARD is included, it has become the most visited content page in the online Proxy Statement. Use these links to see samples and learn more:
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