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Adding Tiles Navigation to your Online Documents

Continental Stock Transfer & Trust and EZOnlineDocuments introduce a new navigational system designed for tablets: Tiles Navigation! This tile-based interface allows users to easily select important sections of your document with their touch-based interface.

Embrace your tablet users and present your document with this state-of-the-art navigation as well as other key features such as page swiping and social media integration. As with all of our online document products and features, Enhanced Documents with Tiles Navigation provides strong customer branding, exceeds all SEC regulations and requires no special apps, plug-ins or software.

Why Tiles Navigation

Tablet technology has already changed the computing landscape forever - it quickly evolved from a fad, to a trend, to a paradigm! The research below showcases this paradigm shift as your users are already using tablets today! In addition, much larger cell phones ("phablets") are upgrading the user's ability to read documents and will play a factor in 2014 and 2015.

But not just for tablets/phablets/cell phones, the new tiles paradigm is also coming of age on desktops and laptops with the implementation of Windows 8! Windows XP has reached end of life, so Windows 8 is set to grow dramatically in the next few years. So not only are a huge portion of your users already on tablets, many of the rest are or will be migrating to a tiles interface.

Tablet use is strong and getting sronger

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Tablets are used by all age groups

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